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Die Highlights

  • 8 affordable enduro bikes head-to-head
  • Tire-Test – all the biggest brands and models on test
  • Reviewing the Pole Stamina 180
  • Kids special: how to find the right bike!
  • Portrait: at home with Joe Barnes
  • What’s up with the #Vanlife?

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All the bikes in this issue

Canyon Strive CF 5.0 | FOCUS SAM 8.9 | Propain Spindrift Performance | RADON SWOOP 9.0 | SCOTT Ransom 920 | Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29 | Trek Slash 8 29 | YT CAPRA 29 AL Comp | Pole Stamina 180 | Canyon Spectral WMN AL 5.0

What to expect in this issue

We deliberately chose “Quality Time” as the title for this issue, because every time we’re on holiday, we realise that it’s less important how long your holiday is and more about what you experience. Often it is the shortest trips that are most memorable. And what is quality time if not family time, which is why we’ve created a guide to help you find the right bike for your kids and compiled a list of the coolest products for little shredders. If you need a little inspiration to get you started, our editor Trevor embarked on an unforgettable trip with his one-year-old son Brook and his 70-year-old father Rick. You’ll have to download this issue to find out how it went.

Of course, you’ll also find loads of exciting reviews! We compared eight enduro bikes and carried out the largest and most complex tire test we’ve ever attempted. However, instead of a Best in Test, we’ve created a detailed buyers guide to ensure that you’ll find the right tire for you.

If you live for the descents but like to get to the trailhead under your own steam, you need an Enduro bike. But how much does a good Enduro rig cost and what do you have to pay attention to before buying? We reviewed eight affordable bikes and learnt a lot in the process.

We all want our kids to follow in our footsteps, to love what we love. Therefore, it’s no surprise that any self-respecting bike-mad parent will do everything they can to encourage their little ones to take up a life behind bars. It’s a fact – choosing the right bike will help lure them away from the evil clutches of the Xbox. We tell you how to choose the perfect bike for your kids!

Schwalbe, MAXXIS, Continental, Michelin, WTB, Kenda… The range of mountain bike tires on offer is huge and sometimes confusing. We tested more than 50 tires and although we couldn’t agree on a clear favourite, we can tell you how to find the perfect tire to suit you and your bike.

If you’re planning on riding the new Pole Stamina 180, make sure you have a big strong coffee first! The Finnish luxury bike with radical geometry and 180 mm travel unleashes an onslaught on your nervous system – and provided some interesting surprises during our test!

For many female riders, the Canyon Spectral WMN AL 5.0 could be the golden ticket to a whole new world. For beginners who are just starting out on their mountain biking journey, Canyon’s women-specific trail-bike will be a loyal and steadfast companion – but there’s also a little drawback!

How does the birth of a child impact the life of an elite EWS rider racing at the highest level? How do they find the balance between family life and training? And is it even possible for them to walk the fine line between risk and reward, knowing that they have a family to look after at home? We spoke to Joe Barnes to find out.

There are more than 5.1 million hits for #vanlife on Instagram. Social media is brimming with self-confessed adventurers that traverse the world in their vans. Our friends Magdalena and Paul are authentic embodiments of this lifestyle, so we sat down with them to get the full scoop – what exactly is the fascination with #vanlife?

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