This Week In Webclips – Give us more Droid, Torren Martyn comes home, Lucas Silveira in Indo, and more

Metal Neck 2: The Bangover was the surf flick equivalent of a molotov cocktail thrown at a fireworks stand: Andrew Doheny, Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, Ford Archbold, Christian Fletcher, and director Matt Tromberg’s 40-minute flameball of surfing’s progressive elite doing their thing and throwing caution to the mainstream wind. Luckily for us, 40 minutes was a drop in the bucket of golden footage the crew compiled, so enjoy this leftovers edit Droid just dropped, or, more accurately, picked up f

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Networking in New Zealand – Noah Wegrich, Pat Curren, and Wilem Banks score the old-fashioned way

Log out of the Instagram account, put the phone down, and recapture the soul of old-school social networking, demonstrated by three of Central California’s signature talents. In the following clip, Noah Wegrich, Pat Curren, and Wilem Banks connect with local rippers Johnny Hicks and Elliot Paerata-Reid in New Zealand, which humbly boasts the kind of

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Underneath The Pacific – The nature of the PNW’s feared slab, told by Jeremy Rasmussen

In the numbing, sharky waters of the Pacific Northwest, a monster slab sits deep in the open ocean ready to Jekyll-and-Hyde on any surfer willing to paddle out. Jeremy Rasmussen, a local charger, explains its mercurial tendencies in the edit above. It’s not a conveyor belt of perfection in the way that Teahupoo is. It

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Watch: Torren Martyn’s “Lost Track” Movie Trailer – Get ready for the film to hit our website next week

It took three months on the road, five webisodes (Count ’em: one, two, three, four, five), and one continental surf frontier, but Torren Martyn’s journey is about to close in intrepid fashion: a full-length feature film, which you can watch on our website next week. Ever since his parents took him on a cross-country road

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