Liam Dunkerbeck is training hard to win a PWA World Tour title

Junior world champion Liam Dunkerbeck is eager to follow father Björn into record books.

Liam Dunkerbeck got into watersports young. So young in fact that, to begin with, he struggled to lift the sail of a windsurfing board.

So, it is no surprise that he is already a junior world champion in the sport where father Björn has won an astonishing 42 world titles.

Legendary windsurfing promoter Ceri Williams passes away

Ceri Williams, the legendary executive secretary of the International Windsurfing Association (IWA), passed away after a courageous battle against a sudden illness.

He was one of the most respected organizers and event directors in the world of windsurfing.

Despite his low profile, Williams was a key personality in the development of the sport in the past decades.

NeilPryde transfers RS:X intellectual property to class

NeilPryde announced the transfer of the RS:X intellectual property (IP) rights to the RS:X Class Association.

During the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown, the RS:X Class Association continued to work in the background in supporting its sailors and member national authorities (MNA) with a range of issues and concerns.

The primary concern raised has been about the supply of equipment for those sailors looking to Tokyo 2020 – to be held on 2021 – who will need to train on fresh equipment as well as continuing their equipment selection processes.

A different way of being “in irons”

Most sailors understand the term and have experienced being “in irons” at one time or another.

In irons” occurs when a sailboat gets “stuck” facing into the wind and can’t turn left or right – the jib and main sails flutter, or “luff,” when in irons.

Sailboats get into this position accidentally by tacking too slowly.