Prototype Spotted – FOX 38 Suspension Fork

During the pivotal final round of the EWS, both Richie Rude and Martin Maes took on the tough race using a new prototype FOX fork. It looks like a burlier FOX 38 will soon be joining the FOX lineup.

Nowhere to hide. It was clearly not a FOX 36 on the front of Martin Maes bike

During each EWS round, there’s often exciting product being tested by the elite racers, some products well hidden, some hard to hide. However, when you fit something like a new prototype fork to the front of Richie Rude and Martin Maes’ bikes, people are going to notice.

The prototype features a revised bridge and clearly thicker 38 mm stanchions

These prototypes are labelled under FOX’s Research and Development, RAD program, and there was no official statement from FOX. However, while the FOX Race Support technicians were not able to give details of the new fork, we can confirm that they have 38 mm stanchions and were being tested at 170 mm of travel. This means they fit directly in between their flagship 36 mm enduro chassis and their triple clamp 40 mm DH chassis. Just like the FOX 40, The prototype fork also has pressure release valves at the back of the fork legs, allowing internal pressure built up from heat and elevation to be released, optimizing small-bump compliance. The damper inside the fork looked to be the current GRIP2.

On the back of each fork leg was a bleed valve

The new fork is stiffer, more sensitive and better than the FOX 40! – Martin Maes

The prototype fork was being tested with a top-of-the-line GRIP2 damper.
The forks appeared to being tested at 170 mm of travel
Will we see a new FOX 38 hitting production soon?

FOX’s RAD program often works a number of years ahead, however, for Richie and Martin to take to the tough trails of Zermatt on prototype forks during such an important race, it would suggest that these prototypes are at a very advanced stage. With enduro bikes growing in travel, a 38 mm chassis single-crown FOX fork would make a lot of sense.

Anything possible, nothing obligatory – What constitutes the ultimate family holiday?

What are the hallmarks of a mountain biker’s ultimate family holiday? Easy answer: riding as much as physically possible. But when adult commitments and parental responsibilities put the brakes on your riding time, you may want to consider the Dolomites Bike-Weeks in the idyllic village of Olang in South Tyrol.

We have no shame admitting that the biggest priority in our early twenties was shredding. All the trails, all the time. The radder, the better. But our lives have changed and we’ve grown up. Indeed, for some of us, the arrival of families has led to an obligatory shift in priorities. The elements needed to keep a family’s happiness in check (particularly on holiday) are quite different to those you seek on a trail riding trip with mates. Our test rider Gregor knows this only too well – after the arrival of his son Anton, Gregor and his wife Adi have had to rethink those very priorities. That’s when they happened upon the Dolomites Bike-Week in Olang.

They quickly decided to spend a week in Olang, during the Dolomites Bike-Weeks. When they weren’t tucking into local delicacies like Schlutzkrapfen, or ‘gramming the picture perfect mountain lakes, they split their time between the Kinderwelt and the bike park, road riding and mountain biking, relaxing and riding in a bid to tip the scales towards the ultimate #familybikebalance. They succeeded! Here are their highlights:

Dolomites Bike-Weeks – what’s it all about?

As the name suggests, the Bike-Weeks mark a four-week period during the summer where cycling in the Dolomites takes centre stage. From mountain bikers and road riders to recreational cruisers, there’s something for everyone, including daily guided rides catering for three levels in each discipline. But before you get alarmed at the thought of being unwittingly enrolled into a rigid, predetermined programme, don’t worry – choice is king here.

Anything possible, nothing obligatory – Dip in and out of the Bike-Weeks programme.

The Dolomites Bike-Weeks is not your standard organised bike ride. There’s no set schedule to follow and no fixed group you have to meet. As a guest in Olang, you’ll simply be privy to a wide-ranging menu of rides that you can hop in and out of as you wish. Fancy a road ride? Go for it. Legs starting to feel the burn? Take a day off, or opt for an eMTB recovery ride. All of the organised rides are led by professional guides, and, being situated in the Dolomites, you can expect your culinary desires to be well and truly exceeded. South Tyrol’s cuisine is awash with local delicacies with great indigineous names like Schlutzkrapfen ravioli, Spinatpressknödel (spinach dumplings) and the messy, but fit-for-an-emperor Kaiserschmarrn pancake.

Olang – a destination for the whole family

Right in the middle of Val Pusteria/Pustertal, the town of Olang has around 3,000 residents and delivers all the ingredients for the ultimate family holiday. Its hotels run the gamut from budget to luxury and there’s no shortage of restaurants. The Kids World – the Kinderwelt – is a giant outdoor playground that’ll capture imaginations. What’s more, each guest gets access to free public transport across the region as well the option to attend any of the town’s events (either for free or at a heavily reduced rate) thanks to the so-called HolidayPass. You can also find time to discover South Tyrol’s lesser-known gems such as the Toblacher See/Lago di Dobbiaco which is equally as beautiful as the Instagram-famous Pragser Wildsee but far less overrun with tourists. Reaching the lake can be done in a number of ways but Gregor, Adi and Anton decided to pedal along the family-friend bike path. Once they had exhausted themselves skimming stones and eating ice cream, they returned to Olang for free on the train with their HolidayPass.

The HolidayPass doesn’t just come with a list of local opportunities, it also extends the range of what’s possible. Outbound by bike, return by train – no problem!

The Kinderwelt – a massive adventure play park

The sprawling Kinderwelt in Olang is a place that can light up any child’s eyes. Just next to a babbling mountain brook, this natural adventure play park winds its way along the stream, revealing an archipelago of diverse adventure islands as kids move through it. From the giant water park to picking a line up the climbing wall, there’s something for every taste. Even as adults, Gregor and Adi struggled to tear themselves away from the action. Fortunately Anton provided a convenient excuse to stay a bit longer.

The Kronplatz – culture, cuisine and a damn good time

The Kinderwelt is one form of adventure play park, but the Kronplatz is something else entirely. The mountain is a familiar ascent of the Giro d’Italia and pedalling up to 2,275 metres is a popular option, though you can also take the cable car. Once at the top, expect breathtaking panorama views of the surrounding peaks, like the Marmolada and Drei Zinnen.

But the excitement doesn’t end at the postcard perfect views. For mountain bikers, there are descents in three directions – towards Olang you’ve got the GASSL flow trail, which takes you down 1,125 metres of descending with unavoidably high stoke levels. Towards the south, you’ll find the Furcia Trail, which offers a host of detours and diversions onto other trails too. In the north, you’ll find the Herrnsteig trail – the oldest and most well-known of Kronplatz’s downhills and one that’s continually being refined with new, trickier segments. Great riding guarateed!

Family holiday means making compromises. Do you prefer biking, culture or adventure? At Kronplatz the only compromise is, to do all three in a row!

Not just a hotbed of trails, there’s no shortage of culture on the Kronplatz either. Take the Messner Mountain Museum designed by Zaha Hadid. A stunning feat of architecture perched on the mountain top. Or the new AlpINN restaurant, which ties together a laid back atmosphere with fine food. You won’t need to dress up for dinner either – this region is very au fait with sports attire. After all, it also has to deal with the neon brazenness of skiers each winter.

In the heart of the Dolomites

During the approach to Olang, the landscape outside the car window will entrance you – rocky mountain peaks, lush meadows and cascading waterfalls. But it’s only when you’re out on the bike and moving at a slower pace that you can truly appreciate its beauty. On a road ride to Lake Misurina, Gregor sat up and soaked up the view over the lake that staged the speed skating competition at the 1956 Olympics. From here, you have what is perhaps the greatest view of Drei Zinnen. Despite lasting hours, the ride that Gregor had picked from the programme seemed to pass in a bit of a blur and before he knew it, his group was being led back to Olang along the smooth tarmac of the Dolomites. As the switchbacks unfolded ahead of him, Gregor was already envisaging a way to get Adi and Anton up to Lake Misurina too. He knew that they’d love it as much as him.

As you may have gathered, Olang isn’t a far-flung, remote destination, where adventure is synonymous with extreme risk-taking, but fortunately, most bike-mad families aren’t looking for that. Diverse and different days usually make for a good holiday and we can confirm that Olang delivers exactly that. Dear Olang, we’ll see you again next year. Hopefully, by then, Anton will join us on the trails. And if not, it doesn’t really matter because you’ve already brought the #familybikebalance into alignment.

For more information about Olang and the Dolomites Bike Weeks head over to:

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Summer Send-Off — 35% or more from Competitive Cyclist

Summer Send-Off from Competitive Cyclist

When the leaves start to change and when the trails dew-covered for the morning shred, you know what’s around the corner. Fall doesn’t mean the end of riding by any means – actually its one of the best seasons to ride. Changing temperatures mean cool weather gear gets a chance to see some daylight and the changing trail conditions keep riders on their toes. Best yet – it means sales and new gear from Competitive Cyclist. Check out all the tires, jackets warmers and even a frame or two in the Summer Send-Off sale. We’ve searched through the sale and pulled out some items we thought you’d dig – so check it out and get shredding for fall!

 YETI CYCLES SB5.5Turq Mountain Bike Frame – 2018

SALE 35% Off $2,275.00 from $3,500.00

Yeti Cycle’s finger on the pulse of mountain biking is pressing down harder than ever and they have been in the game just about as long as anybody else. Trends come and go and designs advance to ultimately allow riders to push their limits and go faster on more difficult terrain. The 2018 SB5.5 Turq is the culmination of everything Yeti has learned in over 3 decades of building frames. The suspension design on the SB5.5 gives it the ability to happily pedal and climb with XC bikes but the geometry pushes its capabilities in gnarly terrain that Yeti’s Enduro team will occasionally call into action for EWS races. This 5.5 frame carries the Turq appointment, which is plenty burly enough to handle tail-gate shuttles and rugged trails, yet light and agile enough that you’ll forget how durable the frame is. The SB5.5 Turq construction contains the highest quality carbon fiber that Yeti uses allowing it to precise layup the carbon.

buy now

E*THIRTEEN COMPONENTS LG1 Plus All-Terrain 29in Tire – 2018

SALE 50% Off $29.76 from $59.95

If we said your trails get a little damp, that would be an understatement. You’re used to riding slick roots, wet rocks, and dank, loamy dirt packed with mossy patches, and so you’re on the hunt for tires that can keep up with the trails that you call home. Designed for the post-work riders, and weekend warriors alike, e*thirteen components crafts the LG1 Plus All-Terrain 29in Tire for confidence and grip on trails that pack in the moisture more often than dry out. Unlike its LG1 Race counterpart, the LG1 Plus comes with a dual-compound construction that’s better at all-around traction than unfailing stickiness, making it a smart choice for a range of conditions. Featuring e*thirteen’s Enduro casing, the LG1 Plus is as prepared as its race-minded sibling to rail berms and switchbacks hard without folding over. 

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DONNELLY MXP Tire – Tubeless

SALE 39% Off $42.92 from $70.00

Designed for virtually any condition, the Donnelly MXP Tubeless Tire maximizes versatility for cyclocross racers encountering everything from moderate mud to grassy fields, hard-packed dirt to smooth pavement. This tubeless-ready tire sits at 33-millimeters wide, allowing you to drastically drop tire pressures for greater traction and bump compliance, regardless if you’re cross racing or just putting in some training miles on your favorite stretch of back road. This all-around cyclocross tire features a more classic tread profile, except for a few modern updates like precise flex grooves along the center for course-conforming grip, alongside aggressive side knobs for added stability and acceleration out of corners. 

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PIRELLI Cinturato Velo Tire – Tubeless Ready

SALE 41% Off $40.99

The 145-year-old company Pirelli created quite the buzz when it announced that it was reentering the road cycling tire market again earlier this year. We were excited for sure, and if you’ve followed motorsports at all, you’re familiar with its success in auto and moto races across the globe. As we glanced over the PZero Velo range, we had one question, where are the tubeless tires? We were assured it was in the works and sure enough, the Cinturato Velo Tire is the tubeless-ready tire from Pirelli, blending puncture protection, ride comfort, and top performance. Pirelli uses its SmartNET Silica compound for less rolling resistance, exceptional handling and grip, especially on wet roads, and long mileage. 

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ZIPP Tangente Speed R28 Tire – Clincher

SALE 46% Off $34.99

While Zipp has long held a stellar reputation for churning out aerodynamic wheels, you may be less familiar with the fact that this company also makes tires. First introduced in 2007, Zipp’s tires were originally laser-focused on aerodynamics, which left a bit to be desired in the rolling resistance and handling categories. With the Tangente line, Zipp’s focus has shifted to creating fast-rolling tires with supple grip to rail corners. The Tangente Speed R28 Clincher Tire boasts exceptional traction in both dry and wet conditions and a wide profile to roll smoothly over rough roads. Billed as a race-ready tire for days when the road isn’t pristine, the Speed R28 utilizes a plush 220 TPI nylon casing and a beefy 28mm width to soak up the bumps.

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SEALSKINZ Dragon Eye MTB Glove – Men’s

SALE 66% Off $23.98


Hot days and rough trails are harder on your hands than your legs sometimes, and you can’t afford to have things like missed shifts and raw, bleeding thumbs disrupting your hours on singletrack. The Sealskinz Dragon Eye MTB Glove takes a less-is-more approach with a sleek, padding-free design aimed at giving you grip and dexterity on the bars without boxing-glove bulk. The synthetic suede palm is responsible for grip, and it’s backed up by an anti-slip liner to hold your hands in-place inside the glove. Added touches like articulated knuckles, Lycra fingers, and an improved thumb design work to give you the same freedom of movement you’d have without gloves, while the completely waterproof outer liner protects your hands from weather and wind.

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RAPHA Classic Wind Check Jacket – Men’s

SALE 69% Off $64.98 from $209.95

When your rides start early, and showers are in the forecast, don the Rapha Classic Wind Check Jacket and take to the tarmac with concerns of cool breezes brushed aside. This classic-styled jacket takes Rapha’s traditional Classic Wind Jacket II and elevates its aesthetic with iconic style from the golden era of cycling, with a checkered flag design that wraps the torso, hinting at its 1960’s flair, back when cyclists wore wool and were held as style icons. But the jacket isn’t all form over function, and its DWR coated nylon construction proves it. The jacket breathes and moves with you, with a tailored cut designed just for being on the bike, hitting at the hip in the front, with a long drop-tail hem in the back to keep you covered from showers. Bonded seams and hems reduce the bulk for a smart, easy-to-pocket jacket, while a bonded lower-front pocket secures your valuables.

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GORE WEAR C5 Partial Gore Windstopper Insulated Jacket – Men’s

SALE $84.97

The C5 Partial Gore Windstopper Insulated Jacket from Gore Wear is a hybrid of sorts. It’s slim and form-fitting enough to fit like a jersey, but it provides insulation and warmth that’s typically reserved for heavier jackets. Gore places PrimaLoft Gold Insulation in critical areas that maximize warmth on cold days and chilly descents. It’s very low-bulk insulation, so it won’t interfere with your position while on the bike. Adding a barrier against the wind and precipitation, Gore fortifies this jacket with its own Windstopper membrane that’s windproof, water-repellent, yet still extremely breathable. A tall, close-fitting collar further keeps cold drafts and precipitation from reaching your core.

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ASSOS winterBootie_S7

SALE 71% Off $39.97 from $139.00

While Assos has a multitude of seemingly complicated shoe coverings to choose from, these are easy to explain. They’re the direct descendant of Assos’ legendary airlock bootie. The Assos winterBootie_S7 is aimed at the same temperature range and does everything the now-discontinued airlock did, only better. To start, Assos employed the strataGon fabric for its enhanced waterproofing and breathability. It handles nasty weather better than airBlock, and ultimately, it leaves your foot more comfortable over a long duration. This new fabric’s success hinges on Assos’ new flexible membrane. Incredibly, the membrane closes down its microscopic pores when cold and opens them up when warm. 

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NiteRider launches Focus flashlight line and B2B website

NiteRider launches new tactical flashlight line and B2B website

NiteRider has launched a brand new line of military-grade tactical flashlights, along with its first-ever B2B website.

The Focus line with XP-L Cree white LEDs features four models of varying lumen counts (110-1000)—three of which are USB rechargeable. All possess the same NiteRider feel, quality, and aesthetic dealers, and consumers have come to know and love for 30 years.

“This segment is a natural extension for the brand,” said Jason Norman, marketing manager for NiteRider. “As an avid outdoorsman (founder) Tom Carroll only builds and designs products that meet his lofty and rigorous standards—no matter if you enjoy the outdoors on two feet or two wheels.”

The Focus line is no exception. Made from IP66 high pressure, water-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum, the Focus line is ideal for those who keep the adventure going well into the night with 5-mode electronic mode functionality (turbo, high, medium, low and flashing). Also features the added capability of an adjustable spot and flood beams. 


“We’re also developing a bicycle mount specifically for these flashlights, which makes this no brainer for every cyclist out there,” Norman said.

NiteRider’s new B2B site allows dealers to place orders 24/7, while also allowing them to check order status and download all current sales collateral with just a click of the mouse.

“Dealers are busier than ever these days, so it made sense to give them this option to make their lives even easier when it comes to ordering NiteRider product,” said Mike Ely, chief operating officer for NiteRider.”

For more information check out

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Video: Fabio Wibmer’s Law


There is a trials/stunt rider from Austria who dons a Redbull helmet. In an overcrowded sea of talent, one might be tempted to overlook his work but it is worth respect and admiration.  Fabio Wibmer is insanely talented and he is creative and persistent. Watch him make his own bike rules in escaping urban chaos in Austria.

Fabio Wibmer showed in Fabiolous Escape 2 that he is capable of pulling off audacious bike tricks and he has followed it up with a big city passion project that took over a year to shoot.

Fabio Wibmer performs during the Shoot of Wibmers Law in Graz, Austria in September 28, 2018Shot in the East Tirolean turns Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, and Linz into a playground and takes shortcuts over city roofs with no gap – however big – stopping him. He works with the urban landscape and creates bike art.  Anyone who’s ever done an ‘urban assault ride and dropped a couple of’ stairs will appreciate his effort.

With handlebar rides, a frontflip through a building site, mighty drops and a double backflip on a step-down, Wibmer finds his way through the street maze. What he’s doing is so ‘next level’ that it is pretty hard to comprehend for most of us who can just barely manage to ride ‘no hands’.



“I realized that the world keeps spinning faster and, especially in big cities, the life of society has become a really hectic and stressful one. That’s how it is for me as well. When I get on my bike though, I am able to escape this chaos for a while. I am able to take a breath and calm down. Hopefully, the audience feels the same way.”

– Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer performs during the Shoot of Wibmers Law in Linz, Austria on October 2, 2018 // Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

The technical aspects of the shoot are the following. The filming logistics, which included using a GH5S on a Glidecam as the main camera supported by two A7IIIs, GoPros, and drones.

“The shooting definitely was the most challenging production I have done. Some of the takes took several hundred. In the final edit, of course, you don’t see these struggles.”

– Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer performs during the Shoot of Wibmers Law in Innsbruck, Austria on June 4, 2019 // Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

Fabio Wibmer shot to global fame in 2016 when YouTube clips of him riding a railing of a 200m high dam and showing off his downhill ability on an old lady’s bike went viral. In last year’s Fabiolous

Escape 2, the Austrian evaded police in the Saalbach-Hinterglemm resort and has now swapped the snow for an Austrian urban setting.

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SRAM UDH – Finally a universal mech hanger?

Many frames, one spare – a universal MTB mech hanger. With the new UDH hanger, SRAM wants to make everyone’s life easier, from riders to bike shops and frame designers. Read on to find out what the new mech hanger is all about and what we think about it.

The SRAM UDH mech hanger: many frames, one universal solution – for just € 15

Do you remember the days when every old-school mobile phone had its own charger? Now, the UDH wants to be the MTB-equivalent of the USB-C-Port in the smartphone industry. With the introduction of the new hanger, SRAM wants to introduce a universal solution for all MTB rear-derailleurs and revolutionize the market.

According to the american brand, there’s nothing that can stop us from using a universal mech hanger on (almost) all MTBs. If you ever ended up with a broken mech hanger on a MTB-holiday, you know how frustrating it can be. Since every bike has its own hanger, it can be hard to find the right hanger from a small local shop. Sometimes this means that you’ll have to call it a day or finish your holiday on a rental bike But the new hanger wants to make this frustrating experience a problem of the past! As stated by SRAM, the new hanger will be available from most local shops and should fit pretty much all future bike models.

The SRAM UDH on the new Trek Fuel EX 9.9, which we have already tested for you.

The new hanger should improve shifting performance through a more precise chain alignment. In addition, it was designed to rotate backwards in case of impacts and thus avoid chain suck. The slight play also increase the lifespan of your rear-derailleur. Since compatibility is key in this industry, SRAM ensures full compatibility with all groupsets from Shimano, SunRace, Box Components and many more. Also, manufacturers aren’t required to pay a licence to use the new hanger. However, this is not backwards compatible, which means you can’t simply swap it for your old one. The mountain bike needs to be designed around the new system, which means we should expect a number of new rear-end designs any time soon. For some bike manufacturers, however, it could be challenging to make their new frames compatible with the UDH system. Whilst Trek already uses it on some of their bikes – like the Trek Fuel EX 9.9 2020 we already tested for you – the SRAM UDH is already available at a retail price of € 15. SRAM have not yet announced whether the new universal hanger will be available for road- and/or gravel-bikes and how the compatibility issue will be addressed.

Trek’s Rail eMTB also features SRAM’s universal mech hanger.

Our conclusions about the SRAM UDH

Whilst it’s still too early to tell whether the new derailleur hanger will help promote standardisation, we think that a universal hanger is a superb idea – especially if it improves durability and shifting performance and, above all, if it’s easier to get than conventional hangers. And since manufacturers aren’t required to pay costly licence fees, we find the idea even better! We are curious to see how many bikes will use the new system in the near future.

For more information head to

GALFER DB007W Rotor and G1652 eMTB Brake Pads in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the GALFER DB007W Rotor and G1652 eMTB Brake Pads fared.

UK editor Trev has watched hundreds of brake test cycles on the dynamometer and has seen first hand how different brake pad materials have a huge influence on braking torque, heat resistance and noise. Living in a valley, Trev’s riding is steep-up, steep-down, the rear brake is often feathered to keep the speed down, while still required to deliver violent deceleration to pull down the speed into tight turns – a hard combination for any brake. In pursuit of more power and control, Trev has been testing the new GALFER G1652 brake pads and DB007W 223 mm Wave rotors on his RAAW Madonna.

Talking point
Having red pads in the front and lilac pads in the rear is a great conversation point while loading bikes onto the shuttle
Check compatibility
You need to check your hub and fork can take such a large rotor and will need post-mounts.

With the correct adaptor installation is plug and play, but with the thicker 2 mm rotor you have to make sure your pistons are pushed right back before fitting. Designed primarily for heavier eMTBs, the 223 mm rotors are also ideal for hard-charging 29ers and DH bikes looking for a bit more bite. In back-to-back tests, running a 223 mm rotor against a 203 mm rotor, Trev has experienced less arm pump and more braking torque and control with the bigger rotor. Even dragging the brake purposefully for full runs did not cause any heat deformation or pinging, possibly due to the thicker material used. At 225 g, a 223 mm rotor adds around 100 g of weight compared to a 200 mm SRAM centreline rotor, but the increase in power easily offsets the extra grams. To match the bigger rotors, GALFER have also introduced a new G1652 semi-metallic pad compound aimed at eMTBers, with increased resistance to higher temperatures. The G1652 compounds braking torque feels similar to the stock OEM pads, however fade resistance feels improved, biting more consistently even when abused. Noise is very good, with only a slight burble in the wet, and wear seems to have improved too.

Maximum power
We should not be afraid of big brakes, they work better than smaller ones, it’s just physics.

The new GALFER G1652 pads on the rear, paired with the excellent GALFER Advanced G1851 pad compound and DB007W 223 mm rotor on the front offers tons of power and great modultian. The combination works super well on steep and demanding trails in all weather conditions.


  • 223 mm DB007W rotors increases braking torque and modulation
  • G1652 pads very resistant to fade under feathering
  • More affordable than a brake upgrade


  • GALFER pads are available in most, but not all brake systems
  • The 2.0 mm thick DB007W rotors bring more weight
  • Not every fork is compatible with a 223 mm rotor

Tester Trev
Duration 3 months
Price DB007W rotor (ø223×2,0mm): € 39.90; Adapters for calipers: € 8.15; E-MTB pads compound from: € 20.50
Weight: DB007W rotor (ø223×2,0mm) 225g
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Orbea unleashes the all-new Wild FS Ebike

Orbea unleashes the all-new Wild FS

Orbea created the Wild to tackle steep trails and obstacle-strewn climbs and descents. It looks like a highly polished ebike with a couple tricks up its sleeve.


Wild FS is now more capable than ever. The power and efficiency of the new Bosch CX engine and internal 625Wh battery mean more uphill pedal assist, with an aggressive frame geometry to complement the climbs. Wild FS has also been redesigned with new kinematics, so no descent can stop this e-bike.

Orbea Wild FS

  • Travel: 160/160mm
  • Material: Monocoque OMR Carbon, Monocoque/Hydorformed Alloy Blend
  • Sizes: S/M – L – XL
  • Price: $6299 to $9499 USD
  • Personalization: Two stock colors with full personalization options through MyO
  • Info:

The frame has been completely reworked, built entirely with OMR carbon. Its weight, tipping in at just 3.5kg, feels even lighter on the trail thanks to the balanced distribution of weight, geometry, and kinematics. And with 160mm of suspension in the front and rear, it smooths out any bumps along the way.

Wild FS rolls confidently with its 29” wheels and 2.6” tires with reinforced casing and an aggressive tread to guarantee grip on the most remote trails.

The development and design team spent the most time reconfiguring Wild FS’s kinematics, progressing the behaviors of its 160mm suspension (with a recommended SAG between 25–30%) from the previous generation, making it ideal to push the limits on technical terrain. Even more progressive is the multiple shock options that riders can choose on MyO.

The frame is available in two options: a full OMR carbon design, complete with a carbon connecting rod, rear triangle, and battery cover; or a hybrid with OMR carbon front triangle, hydroformed aluminum linkage, and rear triangle, and a polymer battery cover. The new Wild FS is available in three sizes: SM, LR, and XL.

You’ll find plenty of space to mount a bottle cage and tool kit, with the option to swap the bottle cage for a second battery. Thus, depending on the model, the battery capacity can reach 1125Wh.

An exclusive design from Orbea allows riders to choose a convenient mounting location for the Bosch display: over the stem, in front of the stem or on the side. And tucked inside the stem cap is a secret chamber for a critical item: a battery key holder.

The battery cover, made from an extremely durable but featherlight polymer, protects the engine battery from impact and opens and closes with a simple and reliable locking mechanism. No tools required.

Frame reinforcements also protect other critical areas of the bike in case of a crash. And a custom Acros Block Lock headset, designed exclusively for Wild FS, ensures that handlebar rotation doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the frame.

A redesigned derailleur hanger can be disassembled by hand for a simple and effective solution that lets riders keep rolling, even if it’s damaged. Even the Wild FS charging port has been redesigned for easy access, yet remains protected from the elements. Paired with internal wiring along the frame, strong enduro bearings and Orbea’s signature lifetime frame warranty, durability and longevity are key factors in this bike.

Specifications and geometry


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Drive train and brake Sale at Jenson and Competitive Cyclist

Drive train and brake blowout

Are you ready to finally upgrade to that 4 piston hydro or are you looking to update your gravel rig? Either way, there is a load of savings and awesome deals to be had. So take that project bike you have sat the basement and finish up in style with deals from Jenson and Competitive Cyclist – you won’t be disappointed-  Onward to the sales!


$149.99 SAVE 25 % MSRP $200.00

When we talk about OneUp, we’re not talking about hitting a brick and getting a green mushroom, we’re talking about exceptional dropper seat posts. The OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post is a one of a kind dropper seat post that is highly versatile. OneUp offers the world’s shortest, long travel dropper post. This means it has the shortest stack height and effective length of any equivalent travel dropper post. This means you don’t have to settle for a 125mm dropper post, you can now get a 150mm or 170mm dropper. The OneUP dropper is also tuneable so you can have custom drop lengths. Want your 170mm dropper post to be a 120mm dropper post instead? That’s perfectly fine. The drop tuning can be done on the bike while you’re out on the trail. It’s tool free and can be done without removing the saddle or reaching for your shock pump. The OneUp dropper post requires no bleeding since it is cable actuated. The cable clamps at the lever which makes shortening the housing incredibly easy. If you’re looking to breathe an extra life into your mountain bike, then get a OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post.

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$3.75 SAVE 75 % MSRP $14.99

Just about everyone has a favorite beer (or soda) that they prefer to drink after a long ride. Have you ever wanted to rep your favorite beer on your bike though? Well now you can with the Xon CNC magnetic top cap. The cap easily replaces the existing top cap on your mountain or road bike. The beer cap then magnetically attaches to the top cap with ease.

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$31.99 SAVE 30 % MSRP $46.00

Shimano’s MT201 disc brakes are a proven, bombproof design. They’re pre-bled, easy to install and inexpensive, meaning they’re perfect for the beginner or price conscious cyclist. Don’t be mistaken by the price; these perform very well and are a cinch to maintain, making them some of the best bang for the buck brakes out there. Be aware that rotors and adapters are sold separately. Always use genuine Shimano brake rotors and adaptors.

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$49.49 SAVE 25 % MSRP $66.00

 Ice-Tech is a technology that blends the durability of stopping power of a steel rotor with the heat dissipation properties of aluminum. By sandwiching an Aluminum cooling core between two steel braking surfaces, the rotor dissipates heat faster, while the steel outer portion provides solid stopping power and a durable braking surface. The two-piece “floating” rotor arrangement also saves weight and increases system stiffness, giving you the intense braking power you need, with the reliability and survivability that Shimano is best known for. Hit every line with confidence and speed with Shimano XT Rotors.

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$1,499.99 SAVE 35 % MSRP $2,300.00

Looking for the ultimate cyclocross weapon? Look no further than the Niner BSB RDO. Niner takes learned technologies from their mountain bike racing line and applies it to the BSB to create a lightweight carbon cyclocross frame that rewards the rider with incredible power transfer and stiffness as well as updated technology like flat-mount disc brakes and Di2 routing. Responsive handling is achieved through a steep headtube angle as well as all around perfect race geometry. Thoughtful touches like built-in flat areas on the inner triangle aid in off the bike shouldering efforts, and internal cable routing that doesn’t get in the way. Niner mates the cyclocross-specific BSB frame with their award winning RDO cyclocross fork, which provides the off-road ride quality riders want as well as updated technology including flat mount disc brakes that make installation and adjustment a breeze.

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$495.99 SAVE 45 % MSRP $899.00 

Suspension technology has come a long way in the short time that it has been around and it keeps getting better every year. The 2019 Fox 32 Float Step-Cast Factory Fork starts at 2.98 pounds, which makes this the lightest cross-country fork that Fox has ever made. It is optimized for 100mm of travel and has a Step-Cast lower leg design and a narrow crown spacing that saves weight. The Kashima coating of the Factory series makes the fork buttery smooth and incredibly durable. With FIT4, you can adjust your compression damping on the fly. It gives you an open, medium, and firm option so you can adapt to different trail conditions.

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SHIMANO SLX M7000 1x Groupset

SALE 40% Off $420.00 $700.00

Few names in the industry are as synonymous with trickle down as Shimano. It seems every few years, the top models—XTR and Dura-Ace—are revisited with drastic improvements. And, sure as you can count on the Japanese components to work with the precision of a Swiss watch—those improvements pass on to the XTs, Ultegras, 105s, and SLXs like clockwork. The SLX M7000 1x Groupset is a case in point, incorporating many the features formerly reserved for XTR and XT so we privateers and self-sponsored racers can enjoy the timely shifting and braking that have made Shimano the largest cog in the components machine.

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SHIMANO Ultegra ST-R8000 STI Shifters

SALE 28% Off $251.99 $349.99

Shimano’s Ultegra is often thought of as a budget racer’s group or one that was worthy to put on a top tier frame helping to bring the total price down. This latest version performs so flawlessly that unless you are just dead-set on Dura-Ace, you should seriously consider the Ultegra 8000 group. Because it’s a serious drivetrain for serious cyclists. The Ultegra ST-R8000 STI Shifters have enough DNA from the new 9100 shifters—themselves perhaps the pinnacle of mechanical shifting—that you will have a hard time separating them as twins.
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SHIMANO XT BL-M8020 4 Piston Disc Brake

SALE 26% Off $149.99 $201.99

Few things in the mountain bike world get as much universal praise as Shimano brakes. In this day and age where a bike brand will typically spec the same brand for the drivetrain and brakes, product managers will buck convention and choose Shimano brakes with another firm’s drivetrain because they just pack so much power and modulation and have an excellent track record with reliability. XT brakes usually get the call and we’ve been enjoying the ones that arrived with the redesigned M8000 group and now Shimano has upped the ante. The new XT BL-M8020 4 Piston Disc Brake gets upgraded to, you guessed it, four pistons for a 20% increase in braking power and better heat dissipation versus the two piston model.  What remains the same is the lever shape with an integrated master cylinder and the stealthy black finish that matches the rest of the current XT group. 

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SHIMANO Ultegra Di2 RD-R8050 Rear Derailleur

SALE 28% Off $189.99 – $194.99

Shimano’s refinements to the latest Ultegra Di2 group are truly remarkable, and while we always fancy a full Dura-Ace build, we’d be hard pressed to decipher a difference in performance. That makes sense since Ultegra gets Dura Ace trickle down technology, and for rear derailleurs, the RD-R8050 borrows heavily from the firm’s top-end Dura-Ace RD-R9150—including the low profile Shadow design. This profile places it closer inbound to the frame and tucks the derailleur under the cassette. This protects the derailleur in the event of a crash and in general from getting banged around, so it remains better aligned making shifts smooth, quick, and accurate.

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SHIMANO XTR Di2 SW-M9050 Shift Lever

SALE 43% Off $130.19 – $197.46

While shift levers tend to get the most attention in mechanical drivetrains, Shimano’s XTR Di2 SW-M9050 Shift Levers aren’t the real headliners. That honor falls to the derailleurs. The shifters are just the messengers, serving as intermediaries between you and the solenoid situated in the derailleur, which actually drives the shift. Still, the levers do benefit from some classic Shimano R&D attention in order to ensure that the messenger delivers its missive quickly and accurately so the derailleur can do its work. In effect, the SW-M9050s are the middle managers of the most — for lack of a better word — perfect shifting we’ve ever experienced on a mountain bike.

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SRAM Level Ultimate Disc Brake

SALE 20% Off $239.95 $300.00

The Level Ultimate adapts many of the Guide Ultimate’s features with a minimalistic design that sheds unnecessary bulk and drops from four pistons to two, marking a clear delineation between the Guide Ultimate’s all-mountain and enduro designation and the Level Ultimate’s XC and trail focus.

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