The Lab: Mavic Deemax Pro Flat Shoes in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the Mavic Deemax Pro Flat Shoes fared.

Mavic’s Deemax Pro flat pedal shoe is the French company’s premium offering for riders who want the freedom of riding flat pedals but won’t sacrifice pedalling performance.
The fit is excellent: a wide toe box keeps the blood flowing to your toes and the snug heel cup and fitted midfoot means that the Deemax shoe doesn’t need over tightening to keep your foot firmly in place, resulting in better feedback from the pedals and more control.
Mavic has really thought about the details for the Deemax shoe. The upper materials are impressive; Mavic’s Kevlar ‘Matryx’ upper manages to be light, breathable, water resistant and hard wearing – quite an achievement for a single material! High stress or wear areas such as around the laces, heel and inside the ankle have a polyamide coating for further abrasion resistance. The whole shoe is welded together, rather than stitched, so there is nothing to unpick or unravel over time.

The stitch-free construction and ‘state of the art’ materials makes the Deemax Pro flat shoe durable as well as light.
The grippy Contragrip soles are one of the best we’ve ridden.

The upper materials don’t appear to absorb water and the fairly smooth finish, cleans up easily with a quick wipe down of a cloth.
Foot protection is good with a solid toe box and a semi-mid top to stop you from bashing your ankles or corners and cranks. Although the shoe materials felt stiff when new, it bedded in nicely over a few rides and became very comfortable both on and off the bike and over three months of winter and spring testing, the shoes are still looking great with no signs of wear. The literal Achilles Heel of every flat shoe is the sole: the stiffness of the mid-sole and the light overall weight means that the Deemax pedals well and the Contagrip sole compound is one of the best we have ridden. Traction between sole and pedal is very nearly as tacky as Five Ten Stealth rubber in the dry and continues to perform well, even in cool and wet conditions, with only a small reduction in grip when the temperatures plummet to near freezing and the rubber hardens.

Mavic has just about nailed it with the Deemax Pro flat pedal shoe; the support, grip and comfort combined with its weight and durability has seen it become our go-to shoe, happily bombing runs at the bike park or pushing hard all-day on a trail ride.


  • Great fit – comfortable on and off the bike
  • Grippy sole
  • Impressive materials and construction


  • Price
  • A slight drop in sole compound performance below 5°C

Price: € 170
Test duration: 3 months
Weight: 940 g (size 46)
Tester: Felix
More info:

Helmets and trail blowouts at Jenson USA

Helmets and trail blowouts at Jenson USA

Our friends at Jenson USA always have some great sales going on. Check out these smoking deals on helmets, tires, tubes and much more! Perfect for the mid-summer tune-up or refresh

Maxxis Minion DH

The Minion DHF was designed for the often loose and muddy conditions of aggressive all-mountain terrain. The DHF uses ramped knobs for low rolling resistance and channel cut knobs to increase gripping edges, providing straight-line control and precise cornering. The EXO protection is a densely woven, lightweight, and highly flexible fabric that offers excellent sidewall protection to prevent cuts or abrasions in rock gardens or rooted trail areas.

Price: $52.00 SAVE 20 % off of MSRP $65.00

buy now


The D3 Helmet is constructed from technologically advanced aerospace carbon and has been crafted following the Troy Lee Designs blueprint, ensuring safety and flaunting style. The D3 Helmet comes with 2 adjustable visors for custom height placement, and machined titanium screws for reduced weight. The D3 takes advantage of a dual density shock pad system that helps absorb smaller impacts, withstand multiple hits, and add more durability to the single impact absorbing EPS liner.

A removable, washable and replaceable comfort liner is constructed of CoolMax and Dri-Lex materials which efficiently wicks away moisture to keep you cool, comfortable, and odor-free. Taking breathability and airflow to the next level, the D3 Helmet features 14 intake ports over the forehead, brow, and chin areas to guide air past your head, while the 6 high-flow exhaust vents release hot air ensuring an even flow of cool air throughout the helmet’s interior.

Price: $296.99 SAVE 40 % off of MSRP $495.00

buy now

Shimano CS-R8000 11-SPEED Cassette

Now with more gear options, the Shimano CS-R8000 11-SPEED Cassette is set to provide you with a wider array of options for your preferred type of riding. It utilizes nickel-plated steel cogs for corrosion resistance and provides the same high performance you look for in the Dura Ace series but at a slight weight penalty.

  • 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-30T, 11-32T, 12-25T, 14-28T

Price: $65.99 SAVE 26 % off of MSRP $89.00

buy now

Shimano XT RT86 Ice-Tech  rotors

With riding styles growing more aggressive and varied, a better brake rotor was needed. Shimano responded to the needs of riders to deliver best-in-class braking power, better system cooling, and the best brake feel. Enter the Ice-Tech Rotor. The Shimano XT RT86 rotor is infused with proven Ice-Tech braking technology, trickled down from the top-end XTR group. Ice-Tech is a technology that blends the durability of stopping the power of a steel rotor with the heat dissipation properties of aluminum. By sandwiching an Aluminum cooling core between two steel braking surfaces, the rotor dissipates heat faster, while the steel outer portion provides solid stopping power and a durable braking surface. The two-piece “floating” rotor arrangement also saves weight and increases system stiffness, giving you the intense braking power you need, with the reliability and survivability that Shimano is best known for. Hit every line with confidence and speed with Shimano XT Rotors.

Price: $49.49 SAVE 25 % off of MSRP $66.00

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Foundation Mountain Presta Bike tube


Tubes rank as one of the least exciting parts of a bike to think about, but they are pretty dang essential and deserve some consideration when deciding which ones to purchase. Foundation Mountain Presta Bike tubes offer a great bang for your buck and come in a variety of widths to fit your individual needs. When the tube you’re rolling on goes flat, you don’t roll. If you don’t have a replacement handy, your walking, not rolling, and at this price, there is no reason to not have a spare handy.

Price: $3.79 SAVE 50% off of MSRP $7.99

buy now

Grand Prix 4000S II

The Grand Prix 4000S II is the reference tire for whose standards other companies strive to achieve. The Grand Prix was the first open clincher to enter into the world of road racing and remains to be one of the best to this day. The GP4000S II gives a facelift to this road racing veteran. Continental’s legendary Black Chili Compound and Vectran™ breaker provide extremely high mileage performance and the make the Grand Prix 4000S II an ideal competition or training partner.

*Folding not reflective

Price: $41.95 SAVE 44 % off of MSRP $74.95

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MET Strale Helmet

Step into the world of performance-driven road helmets with the Met Strale Helmet. It’s a featherweight road helmet that utilizes the Venturi effect in its design, which features a large central vent that takes in cool air, and effectively pushes heat out for maximum ventilation. It’s light as a feather with an aerodynamic design that’ll cheat the wind, making it a great value for the money in exceptionally safe and innovative design. The Safe-T Duo-Fit System provides you with micro-metric adjustment, 4 vertical adjustments, and is even ponytail compatible. The cam divider provides two levels of extra stability and security, with a built-in crimping bar on the divider that grips the helmet strap, preventing any sort of slippage.

Price: $60.00 SAVE 40 % off of MSRP $100.00

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Fox Flux Matte Black Helmet

The Fox Flux Matte Black Helmet 2017 is a versatile trail helmet designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your ride while still providing all the protection you’d need to keep your noggin safe. The deep rear EPS profile provides plenty of rear coverage, ensuring that you’re covered for every challenge of all-mountain riding. Fox’s Detox retention system helps you dial in the perfect fit because nothing spoils a good ride like an ill-fitting piece of gear. The included visor is removable, so you can leave it on when the sun is shining, or take it off if visors just aren’t your thing.

Price: $49.99 SAVE 50 % off of MSRP $99.95

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Smith Route helmet

Smith’s Route helmet combines the latest in protection technology to give riders unmatched comfort and protection, begging to be tested in a variety of cycling disciplines. The Route is comprised of Smith’s tested Aerocore construction, then sealed with a Koroyd shell to hone in on vulnerable impact areas. The finished product offers excellent protection, proper comfort, and optimal ventilation. Great for warm rides, the AirEvac and VaporFit systems assure that air flows efficiently and that the helmet has a comfortable and confident fit. The Route raises the bar in protection and versatility, satisfying whatever your rides demand.

Price: $296.99 SAVE 40% off of MSRP $495.00

buy now

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100% Introduces Altec and Trajecta Helmets

100% Introduces the Altec and Trajecta Helmets

Meet 100%’s Two Newest Creations; the All-Mountain Altec and Enduro Trajecta Helmets, both Featuring Smartshock Technology

This week 100% announced the addition of two new helmets to its fast-growing mountain bike line; the Altec aimed at the all-mountain crowd and Trajecta for the enduro racers.

The Altec is designed for advanced riders to inspire confidence while providing a protective and ventilated all-mountain helmet. The Trajecta is 100%’s solution for stylish, updated enduro helmet. Both helmets were conceived from the start with full integration of the Smartshock – Suspended Rotational System.

Smartshock, what is it?

Traditional bicycle helmets are designed to provide direct, straight on impact absorption. But in real life, most cyclists experience oblique, angular impacts that produce both rotational acceleration and deceleration forces on our brain.

The Smartshock suspended rotational system improves protection by immediately compressing and absorbing direct impacts but also allows the helmet liner to move independently from the helmet’s shell, thus reducing energy transfer to the brain over a wide range of speed and impact types.

To learn more about SmartShock roll over to

Key features of 100%s new Altec:
  • Smartshock – 14 Point Smartshock Rotational Protective System
  • Multi-Density EPS foam – injection molded with polycarbonate
  • Massive airflow – With an impressive 15 ventilation ports
  • Altec 350g / M-Shell – Expanded coverage while still lightweight
  • Sunglass Storage – Integrated sunglass storage system
  • Multi-point adjustable visor designed – For maximum vision and goggle stowage
  • Anti-Microbial liner – Washable, moisture-wicking
  • Adjustable Ratcheting Fitment System
  • Nexus Push Release Snap-Buckle
  •  Size-specific molds – XS/S, S/M, and L/XL

Pricing: $165

Key features of the Trajecta:

Stylish, breathable and rotationally protective – enduro helmet.

Conceived from the start with the Smartshock Rotational Protective System fully integrated, you won’t find a more breathable, ultralight, and comfortable helmet that helps keep you focused all day long.

  • Smartshock Rotational Protective System – (13 Points)
  • Multi-Density EPS foam – injection molded with polycarbonate
  • Massive airflow – Industry leading 24 ventilation ports
  • Patent-pending chin bar integration
  • Trajecta 860g / M-Shell – Light, full-face enduro and all mountain
  • Multi-point adjustable visor designed for maximum vision and goggle stowage
  • Anti-Microbial liner – Washable, moisture-wicking
  • Lightweight D-Ring locking closure
  • Two size-specific molds – SM/MD and L/XL

Price: $250

Available worldwide 

Discover both the Altec and the Trajecta Helmet Collections at

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Hazzard Racing #2 – On The Job

After some compromising information comes out surrounding Hazzard Racing, Jesus warns Joe and Lachlan to keep a low profile until things blow over. Being discreet doesn’t work so the boys have to go undercover as workers for the firm “Hazzard Contractors”, specialising in serpent control, slop extraction and skid mark prevention. Find out how they get on with their newly assumed identities in this moving picture, “On The Job”.

Check out Hazzard Emporium to stay up to date with the boys!

Dangerously Fast! – First Ride Review on the Pole Stamina 180

If you’re planning on riding the new Pole Stamina 180, make sure you have a big strong coffee first! The Finnish luxury bike with radical geometry and 180 mm travel unleashes an onslaught on your nervous system – and provided some interesting surprises during our test!

POLE Stamina 180 | 180/180 mm (f/r) | 14.28 kg (29” Size L) | € 7,950

It looks like the people at Pole haven’t had much sleep lately. Just a few weeks after causing a stir with their new Pole MACHINE, the Fins have followed up with two more exciting entries: the new Stamina 180 and Stamina 140. The two new frames are built using the same unique manufacturing process and implement the same radical geometry concept developed by Pole’s mastermind, Leo Kokkonen. Uniquely, the frames are machined in two halves from solid aluminium billet and then bonded together using an aerospace grade glue. Since the process is almost entirely performed by machines, there’s no need for additional manpower to carry out monotonous welding work or time-consuming carbon layup. Machining the frame using CNC means no expensive carbon fibre moulds need to be produced and revisions to the design only require simple and inexpensive updates to the machining protocol. This means Pole can make adjustments immediately, giving them flexibility in prototyping and testing concepts. Last but not least, this method allows them to use the stronger 7075 T6 aluminium, which is hard to weld using conventional methods and thus not commonly used elsewhere.

Suspension and geometry form a solid unit and provide outstanding riding characteristics!

Speed is the answer to everything

Leo Kokkonen has an obsession with speed. Every time he’s out testing a bike or new component, there’s one essential tool in his pocket: a stopwatch. His addiction to speed led to him developing the radical geometry we already know from the EVOLINK and MACHINE models. With the Stamina 180, Pole continues this approach, combining the same extreme, long and slack geometry with a massive 180 mm travel front and rear. The Pole Stamina 180 is available in three different build kits and as a frame kit. For our test, Pole provided a prototype frame with a 180 EN Kit and there’s really not much to complain about on the spec of our € 7,950 test-bike. All components are thoroughly proven and perfectly suit the intended purpose, with just one exception. The thin EXO casing of the tires can’t withstand the performance of the bike, and despite running an additional Huck Norris insert we had to deal with several flats.

Brakes SRAM CODE RSC 200/200 mm
Drivetrain SRAM XO1 Eagle 1×12
Seatpost BIKEYOKE REVIVE 125/160/185 mm
Tires Maxxis MINION DHF/DHR II 2.50″/2.40″

The machined look of the Stamina 180 is unique. Whilst the two halves of the main frame are still glued together, the additional bolts found on the MACHINE are a thing of the past.
Balance is everything
One of the Stamina’s greatest strengths is its extremely well-balanced geometry. Despite the radical numbers, the bike is good-natured and easy to ride.
More travel = more performance
With 180 mm of travel front and rear, the new Pole offers enormous reserves for the hardest trails. Despite the huge amount of travel, the handling is still incredibly directly.
The cables are routed externally. This allows for easier servicing but comes at the expense of aesthetics.
Pole has revised the strut between the seat- and chainstays (see picture). On our version, the chain was repeatedly hitting the additional bracing. Customers who already bought a Stamina 180 will receive a replacement free of charge.
Lots of room
There’s room for up to two large drinking bottles in the main frame triangle. If you still need more water, you can place another bottle cage on the bottom of the downtube.
Pole offers their new bike with a number of different suspension setups. Depending on the spec, the bike comes with different shock mounts.
On hard landings and big compressions, the chain loses tension. When the rear end of the Stamina extends again, the derailleur clicks back in place and puts the chain under tension and damn, it’s loud! In our opinion, however, this doesn’t really affect the riding performance but is still very annoying and noticeably dents your confidence.

Form follows function

Anyone who knows Leo, knows that he’s a pragmatic guy. He doesn’t beat around the bush and follows his convictions – the Stamina 180 is a clear reflection of that. If you’re a fan of internal cable routing, you’ll be disappointed. All cables are routed externally for ease of maintenance and are held in place by zip ties. Nor is there an elaborate chainstay protector – simple and functional Slapper Tape will do! It’s all about practicality and the bike allows for up to three large bottles, which you can fill with either water or tools. The Stamina 180 LE top-spec version comes as standard with a OneUp Components EDC tool integrated in the steerer tube – nice!

Redefining the concept of speed

Despite looking incredibly radical in its proportions when stationary, once you get on the saddle, the Pole Stamina feels surprisingly tame – at least for the first few metres. Considering the massive wheelbase (1,336 mm), super-slack head angle (63.5°) and the enormous reach of 510 mm (size L), once you sit on it, the bike doesn’t feel as huge as the numbers would suggest. With a nicely integrated riding position, the bike implements steering inputs willingly and accurately. As soon as you drop into the trail, one thing becomes clear: not only does the Stamina break all conventions, but it also has the potential to crush KOMs and induce a whole new kind of speed rush – and not just on challenging downhill tracks. With its generous rear end and aggressive geometry, the bike generates an insane amount of traction. During our test laps, we had to increase the tire pressure by around 0.2 bar, because the bike pushed us to carve through the corners with considerably more speed than expected, increasing forces that could have caused tires to burp or even pop off the rims at lower pressures.

Size S M L XL
Seat tube 400 mm 400 mm 420 mm 440 mm
Top tube 570 mm 600 mm 630 mm 660 mm
Head tube 110 mm 120 mm 120 mm 135 mm
Head angle 63.5° 63.5° 63.5° 63.5°
Seat angle 78.3° 78.3° 78.3° 78.3°
Chainstays 455 mm 455 mm 455 mm 455 mm
BB Drop 385 mm 385 mm 405 mm 425 mm
Wheelbase 1,276 mm 1,306 mm 1,336 mm 1,
361 mm
Reach 450 mm 480 mm 510 mm 540 mm
Stack 636 mm 645 mm 645 mm 658 mm

However, if you really want to exploit the full potential of the bike, you’ll have to adapt your riding style a little – especially when railing around corners. Comparing the Pole with a ‘conventional’ Enduro bike, we would say that the Stamina likes to be leaned over into the bend in typical ‘moto-style’. Furthermore, the bike benefits from an active riding style and conscious use of the suspension. In other words, you get a lot more out of the bike by actively weighting and unweighting the wheels. Once you get the hang of it, the Stamina feels agile and nimble, effortlessly carving through the tightest of corners, despite its unusual length. But since the active riding style also requires greater physical effort, describing the bike as playful would be a little far-fetched. The one drawback of the massive wheelbase becomes evident when you have to lift the rear wheel on very narrow trail sections – here the rear end tends to get stuck on the edge of the trail. However, this will likely only bother a handful of riders.

The Stamina 180 opens up a whole new dimension of trail speed and literally makes the trees fly past you. Naturally, this also requires a great deal of concentration – we actually crashed a few times, simply because the sheer speed the bike develops is overwhelming at first. The Pole is extremely stable and sticks to the trail while inspiring huge amounts of confidence. This feeling is enhanced by the massive freedom of movement provided by the low top tube. The suspension filters out bumps sensitively but feels supportive and lively at the same time. The Pole is eager for airtime off ledges and jumps and offers good support through tight berms. All in all, the Stamina is well-balanced in corners and its long rear end always helps build enough pressure on the front wheel. If you like popping manuals out of corners, you’ll need a lot of strength though.

We developed a deep respect for the Stamina 180 – it’s just brutally fast!

Our test bike weighs a very reasonable 14.28 kg, no doubt aided by the light tires. The light weight combined with the steep seat angle and the resulting centred riding position allows for very capable climbing performance. The front wheel never threatens to lift off the ground which means that you can lean back, relax and still keep the bike on track. Only on very technical climbs on narrow trails do the massive wheelbase and the slack head angle affect the climbing performance of the Stamina.

Note on our own behalf

For this test, Pole provided a prototype frame which, in our opinion, still had a few minor issues. After talking to Leo and discussing them with him, he told us that he would revise the frame before sending the bike into production and provide all customers who had already bought the frame with an updated version. One of the problems with our test bike was the strut that connects the chainstay with the seat stay. This design causes the chain to rub against the brace and to hit the strut repeatedly. Furthermore, some dimensions are very tight and the prescribed tolerances and clearances are on the limit. These issues will be remedied in the production model.

Our first conclusions on the new Pole Stamina 180

Since our test bike features a prototype frame and the final production bike will get some updates, it’s too early to draw final conclusions. What we can say, however, is that we’ve never come across an Enduro bike that generates this much downhill speed. Whilst the Stamina shifts your horizon on the way down, it is still a very decent climber. A true superbike for all riders aiming for maximum speed!


  • redefines the concept of speed
  • extremely smooth and confidence inspiring
  • still “agile” and not at all sluggish


  • feels bulky in very tight trail sections
  • loud chain slap with hard knocks
  • on our prototype, the chain grinds against the reinforcement brace (this should be fixed for the production model)

For more information head to:

This article is from ENDURO issue #039

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Review Teravail Ehline tire

What is it?

The Ehline is a deeply knobbed tire that rolls great on hardpacked trails. A very versatile tread, which sharp lugs and progressive design bites on a variety of trail and gravel conditions. Available in both a light/supple or sturdy/durable that both have their place on the trails. Teravail is expanding their tire line – and the Ehline can be the answer to a lot of riders cross country tire woes. 

Teravail Ehline 29 x 2.3 Light and supple – Tan Sidewall Highlights 

  • The fast rolling classic tread design is predictable corning and sending. 
  • Generous side knobs are great in damp riding conditions and offer great grip. 
  • Light and Supple casing roll smooth and fast over roots and mixed terrain. 
  • The tread design is optimized for modern cross county courses and trails
  • The sharp back edge of knobs offers instant bite when sprinting out of corners.
  • Price: $70 USD for the light and supple construction, and $75 for the durable casing.
  • Weight: 29 x 2.3″ Ehline with tan sidewalls is 709 grams.
  • Sizes: 2.3”-2.6” available in 27.5” and 29”

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Ride Impressions

Tan side wall tires speak to me – the way they look, the cool vibe they give the bike they accompany – it feels right. The Ehline from Teravail feels that way when you see them; classic design built for modern conditions. 

Teravail cut its teeth on mostly gravel and all road offerings but this year they took to the trails and are offering two strong designs – The Honcho and the Ehline. Both are designed for the modern cross country rider and bleed into the trail and all-mountain style of riding. These tubeless ready 60tpi tires are available in 27.5″ and 29″ versions as well as in both ‘light and supple’ and ‘durable’ casings. While the name Ehline may seem best suited for super shredder tire, and Honcho – something flying off the turnbuckle for aggressive terrain. Simply, the tires are named after popular trails in the Midwest. Both are available in a variety of widths and 2.3”-2.5” are designed to perform their best around a 24mm inner rim width and 29mm internal rim width for the 2.6”- and 2.5”-wide tires.

Out of the box, the Ehiline is robust and the casing is soft to the touch, I’m guessing why Teravail named this casing Light and Supple. Knobs are laid out in a chevron pattern with larger blocks in the center and staggered as the tread moved to the side. Cornering knobs are plentiful and sturdy, though the soft rubber compound makes them quite pliable and dexterous. All have a ramped leading edge and a sharp backing edge – great for gripping dirt and not wasting a watt of sprint power. 

Setup and inflation are simple and what I’ve expected for the other Teravail tires I’ve tested. The bead is tight enough to supply a floor pump install, yet not tight enough for a wrestling match with the wheel. 

On the trail, the Ehline is quick and rolls like a much smoother tire. My first rides were on my hardtail, mounted to DT-Swiss 1501 (25mm internal) and the Ehlines smoothed out the bumps and chatter with ease. I started rolling around 20 psi and ended up dialing them down to 18 psi to get the best feel and grip. At 17 psi and lower, the sidewall started to fold and squirm in the corners. The tires have ride characteristics closer to an XC race tire than a trail tire – yet offer grip and confidence, something lacking it the XC tire realm. The larger centerline knobs offer predictable brake control and roll fast on fire road climbs and asphalt. 

On a full suspension, the Ehilines become a great trail companion, fast and fluid. I mounted the Ehilines to my Bontrager Kovee XXX wheelset with an internal of 29mm and the ride was even better. The tread laid out was just as fast but offered more grip and rolls over small roots and rocks like a pillow. The fully let me run lower pressures than on the hardtail and the lowest I went without flexing the side wall was 17 psi – anything under that and the soft and supple casing folded. After lots of miles in the rocks, the casing took a beating and flats did occur towards the end but I feel that is the life of a high-performance tire. 


The Ehline is a solid tire for hardpacked trails and gravel riding. The minimal centerline tread rolls quickly, and tall corner lugs provide aggressive grip for cornering at speed and confidence in most buff trail conditions. The tread also works well on road sectors, double track, and nearly all speedy terrain. I recommend this tire for anyone who likes to explore on their mountain bike and needs a tire that can handle any terrain they come across. 

For more info check out:

Modern cross country bike
classic chevron pattern
Ehline in tan side wall

The Teravail Ehline 29
Teravail Ehline

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Video: YT introduces – Team Racing Dudes


YT introduces: Team Racing Dudes

We’ve met and ridden with these guys and they embody mountain biking. There’s never a bad day or a dull moment with this crew. Their smiles are infectious and they capture what’s great about mountain biking, good times and high-level descending.

One of our favorite moments is when our guide, Erik Irmisch got about 5 flats guiding our crew in the South of France in early 2019 during the YT Decoy launch. He was having the roughest of rough days but threw it all, he didn’t let himself or the crew get down. He just screamed, rode on and laughed… rinse, repeat.

Three rad dudes, three fast bikes, one hell of a season: Since David Trummer has been kicking ass at the latest World Cup races, voices have been getting louder asking who this guy is and where he’s been all the time. The “Team Racing Dudes” sponsor YT is happy to shed some light on the matter by introducing David and his teammates.

Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter and David Trummer are Team Racing Dudes, they’re competing at World Cups and other high profile downhill races around the world onboard the TUES 29. Erik and Johann have been traveling the world and racing as Team Racing Dudes for five years now. In January, they decided to extend their roster recruiting reigning Austrian Downhill Champion, David Trummer. Another team member is Lars Diedenhofen, founder of 70ID, who supports the team as a mechanic and with his painting skills. Lars was the man behind the custom YT frames for Rampage in 2018 and is THE MAN when it comes to custom paint jobs, as shown by the frames of the Racing Dudes.

Erik “Irm” Irmisch

Irm has been one of the fastest downhill riders in Germany for over 10 years and is firmly rooted in the German MTB scene. He can look back on some successes in the iXS Downhill Cup and in 2018 he took part in Red Bull Hardline – a true life experience, as he says himself. In order to share his experience and his knowledge with ambitious young riders, he founded the West East Bike School together with Heiko Hirzbuch. In the camps, Irm not only helps the participants with riding techniques but above all focuses on the fun aspect of Mountain biking that anyone can enjoy! The camps take place between races and during the off-season both in Germany and South Africa. “Good Times” is all inclusive! This spirit is why we love to have Irm in the YT Family. Since 2009 he has been on a YT and is an integral part of our bike development process. Whether TUES or JEFFSY: Irm is one of our riders that receive prototypes to put them through their paces and we make changes based on his feedback.

Johann “Pottie“ Potgieter

South African Johann “Pottie” Potgieter and Irm primarily founded the team Racing Dudes to have a good time together on their YT bikes. Meanwhile, the two compete not only in competition for kebabs, but also in races such as the iXS Cup, where they recently shared the podium. Speaking of sharing: Pottie also actively promotes riding within the younger community, passing on his downhill experience at the West-East Bike School camps in South Africa. Incidentally, Pottie runs his own coffee shop “Pottie’s Coffee” in Port Elizabeth.

David “Daveboy” Trummer

Since January 2019, David Trummer, the reigning Austrian downhill champion, has competed for Team Racing Dudes. So far his World Cup season has been his best yet, finishing 15th in Maribor, 14th in Fort William and his latest result 7th in Andorra. With 4 World Cup races behind him, David is sitting 16th in the overall, which is incredible and we can’t wait to see what the second half of the season will look like for him. He brought his mechanic Jens The choice of the dudes: YT TUES 29Jensen“ Prahlow along for the journey and has a high level of support both at the races and with training at home. Some of David’s favorite tracks are still to come on the World Cup calendar, he’s fired up with plenty more in the tank.

The choice of the dudes: YT TUES 29

The guys are serious about downhill racing and for good reason, they choose the YT TUES 29. Made for full-on racing, it’s the perfect bike for speed and stability and therefore the only option for the gnarly tracks these guys are racing on. The rest of the bike is complemented with SRAM drivetrain and brakes, Rockshox suspension and Truvativ cockpit, whilst wheels are provided by DT Swiss and Maxxis Tires for uncompromising performance.
TUES 29 Cockpit

YT couldn’t be more proud of these guys and the values they infect the mtb community with.

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On a scale of 1–10, how pissed off do you get when your date arrives late, you’re stuck in traffic, or you accidentally miss your flight? If you’ve got a score of five or more, then we’ve got something to keep you calm: The latest issue of ENDURO, # 039 is out now!

Die Highlights

  • 8 affordable enduro bikes head-to-head
  • Tire-Test – all the biggest brands and models on test
  • Reviewing the Pole Stamina 180
  • Kids special: how to find the right bike!
  • Portrait: at home with Joe Barnes
  • What’s up with the #Vanlife?

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All the bikes in this issue

Canyon Strive CF 5.0 | FOCUS SAM 8.9 | Propain Spindrift Performance | RADON SWOOP 9.0 | SCOTT Ransom 920 | Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29 | Trek Slash 8 29 | YT CAPRA 29 AL Comp | Pole Stamina 180 | Canyon Spectral WMN AL 5.0

What to expect in this issue

We deliberately chose “Quality Time” as the title for this issue, because every time we’re on holiday, we realise that it’s less important how long your holiday is and more about what you experience. Often it is the shortest trips that are most memorable. And what is quality time if not family time, which is why we’ve created a guide to help you find the right bike for your kids and compiled a list of the coolest products for little shredders. If you need a little inspiration to get you started, our editor Trevor embarked on an unforgettable trip with his one-year-old son Brook and his 70-year-old father Rick. You’ll have to download this issue to find out how it went.

Of course, you’ll also find loads of exciting reviews! We compared eight enduro bikes and carried out the largest and most complex tire test we’ve ever attempted. However, instead of a Best in Test, we’ve created a detailed buyers guide to ensure that you’ll find the right tire for you.

If you live for the descents but like to get to the trailhead under your own steam, you need an Enduro bike. But how much does a good Enduro rig cost and what do you have to pay attention to before buying? We reviewed eight affordable bikes and learnt a lot in the process.

We all want our kids to follow in our footsteps, to love what we love. Therefore, it’s no surprise that any self-respecting bike-mad parent will do everything they can to encourage their little ones to take up a life behind bars. It’s a fact – choosing the right bike will help lure them away from the evil clutches of the Xbox. We tell you how to choose the perfect bike for your kids!

Schwalbe, MAXXIS, Continental, Michelin, WTB, Kenda… The range of mountain bike tires on offer is huge and sometimes confusing. We tested more than 50 tires and although we couldn’t agree on a clear favourite, we can tell you how to find the perfect tire to suit you and your bike.

If you’re planning on riding the new Pole Stamina 180, make sure you have a big strong coffee first! The Finnish luxury bike with radical geometry and 180 mm travel unleashes an onslaught on your nervous system – and provided some interesting surprises during our test!

For many female riders, the Canyon Spectral WMN AL 5.0 could be the golden ticket to a whole new world. For beginners who are just starting out on their mountain biking journey, Canyon’s women-specific trail-bike will be a loyal and steadfast companion – but there’s also a little drawback!

How does the birth of a child impact the life of an elite EWS rider racing at the highest level? How do they find the balance between family life and training? And is it even possible for them to walk the fine line between risk and reward, knowing that they have a family to look after at home? We spoke to Joe Barnes to find out.

There are more than 5.1 million hits for #vanlife on Instagram. Social media is brimming with self-confessed adventurers that traverse the world in their vans. Our friends Magdalena and Paul are authentic embodiments of this lifestyle, so we sat down with them to get the full scoop – what exactly is the fascination with #vanlife?

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The Lab: Vibram Megagrip sole on the Giro Chamber II in review

In the “The Lab” we present the latest products and put them through their paces for you. Some undergo long-term tests, while we check others out only briefly. This time we reveal how the Vibram Megagrip sole on the Giro Chamber II fared.

Vibram is about as important to hiking shoe manufacturers as RockShox is to bike companies. As an indispensable partner to many shoe brands, they not only supply the technology and know-how but suitable products as well. Vibram have taken their expertise from the hiking, skiing, trail running and also motorcycle industries and brought them to the world of mountain biking. Our tester Felix has put the Vibram Megagrip sole on the Giro Chamber II through a very hard time. Even Aaron Gwin trusts in this sole, and although we can only guess whether it has helped him win races, at least we’ve never seen him slip off his pedals. And that’s certainly in part because of Vibram’s grippy Megagrip sole. The pins of your pedals drill deep into the soft rubber, offering excellent grip. The smooth tread profile around the cleat offers a large contact area on the pedal cage.

The honeycomb tread pattern of the sole is smooth around the cleat. This increases the contact area and grip on the pedal.
The circular abrasion patches caused by the pins also occurs on the Vibram sole after a few weeks.

Whether for the track walk or the next hike-a-bike adventure, the Vibram sole provides lots of traction while walking. Although the Giro Chamber II is very stiff for a gravity shoe, the pre-formed curvature in the sole is great for walking. The sturdy construction of the Chamber II is hard wearing and offers a lot of protection for your feet in case you hit a rock from time to time. Unfortunately, the Vibram sole hasn’t been able to solve one of the longest standing problems with bike shoes. After a few weeks, the pins wear away a circular patch in the sole and you lose traction on the pedals. There is only one thing that helps: turn out pins and ride on.

With the Megagrip sole, Vibram’s hiking expertise have found their way into the world of mountain biking. When it comes to traction both on the pedal and on the trail, the Vibram Megagrip sole is the way to go. Unfortunately, even the “miracle material” from Italy can’t stand up to the wear caused by the pins on your pedals.


  • great traction while walking
  • good grip on the pedal


  • lots of wear from pins

Price: € 149.99
Test duration: 6 months
Weight: 1,080 g (Giro Chamber II 44)
Tester: Felix
More info

The best Amazon Prime Day deals for mountain bikers

For 2019, Amazon Prime Day runs from July 15 through July 16.

Amazon Prime Day is the online retail giant’s annual celebration of door-busting deals. Prices will be slashed on products ranging from Instant Pots, iPads, flat-screen TVs, and, of course, components and gear for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

There’s one catch: you must be an Amazon Prime member to cash in on these deals. An annual Amazon Prime subscription costs $119 annually or $12.99 per month. If you’re not a member, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime membership in a few minutes. There’s a 30-day cancellation window, so there’s little risk in trying it.

If you’re already a member, the Prime Day deals (or days, since these deals run for 48 hours) are quite compelling. There will be deep discounts on all sorts of items. We’ll be updating this post frequently, so check back regularly for the best Prime Day deals for mountain bikers.

When does Amazon Prime Day start in 2019?

For 2019, Amazon Prime Day kicks off Monday, July 15 at 12 am Pacific Daylight Time and runs through July 16.


What Goes on Sale During Amazon Prime Day?

Last year, more than one-million deals were available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. In other words, a lot of products go on sale during Amazon Prime Day. Based on previous years, there are plenty of cycling-related items that will go on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Gadgets are often heavily discounted. If you’re the market for a new cycling computer or smartwatch, keep an eye out. Are you looking to improve your home repair shop? Prime Day is a great time stock up on Allen keys, torque wrenches, and air compressors, not to mention chain lube and degreaser.

There are plenty of heavily discounted consumer goods that, while not specifically for cycling, might be worth buying. If you need a new tablet for logging basement base miles on Zwift, a new blender for protein shakes, or a new cooler for post-ride beers, stay tuned.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Prime?

Not an Amazon Prime member? The good news is, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for Prime, which means you can actually sign up and take advantage of Prime Day 2019 when it happens without forking over any extra cash. In fact, Prime Day 2018 saw more new Prime members on July 16 than any previous day in Amazon history. Now you may think that an Amazon Prime membership only means fast shipping, but there’s so much more. Two-day shipping is standard for all Prime members, while select cities also offer same-day delivery and one-day shipping.

In addition to getting your orders quickly, Prime members also get to take advantage of exclusive deals (30-minute early access to Lightning Deals) on Amazon, exclusive deals at Whole Foods Market, access to award-winning movies and TV shows through Amazon Prime Video, free games and loot with Twitch, and access to over two-million songs on Amazon Music without any ads.

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month, or $119 a year. You can also sign up for just Amazon Prime Video for $8.99 a month.

Students can save even more on Amazon Prime, with Prime Student costing $6.49 a month or $59 a year

How do I Sign up for Amazon Prime?

Signing up for an Amazon Prime membership is really easy. You can simply click here to start your 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime. If you’re a student, make sure you click the student link to take advantage of a 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint. You will have to hand over your credit card information to sign up to Amazon Prime, even to access the 30-day trial. You can always cancel at any time.

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