Dylan Stark – Etnies Lake Forest Session

Dylan Stark coming through with a new video from a session he caught at the Etnies Lake Forest Skatepark on Thanksgiving. As always, Dylan absolutely slays everything he couches with big, blasting airs and gaps and more. Mix in some grinds and freecoaster action from the rest of the crew and you have a video loaded with goodness. Take a peek!


Colin Varanyak – Last Minute BMX After Work

Here’s a fresh video Colin Varanyak uploaded for your guys to check out from a session he caught after work, before the sun went down. This is a Vlog style video, so if you’re just looking for the riding, skip to 1:50 and then you can get a look at the riding footage. Take a peek! As always, Colin put together some damn solid riding clips.


Flybikes – Devon Smillie Signature Fuego Tire

Flybikes Fuego Tire - Black

The Devon Smillie signature Fuego Tire from Flybikes is hitting BMX shops and mail-orders around the world. Today, Flybikes gave us the full details on this tire and it looks like a good amount of technology went into this one. The tire features a similar tread pattern as the classic Ruben tire, but more geared toward street riding with a smoother center tread. Inside you can find a “HPPR” layer, which is a High Pressure & Puncture Resistant layer, below that is a High Pressure casing and then there is a pinch resistant layer at the bottom. The tire also has a harder rubber on the sidewall to help resist grab while grinding. Here’s some words from Flybikes about the tire…

The main goal for the “Fuego” tire was to create the most durable tire possible while still keeping the weight to a minimum, we searched the latest technologies to help achieve these three key features.

1. Although chances are slim that the “Fuego” tire will ever see 120 PSI in its lifetime, by using a new unique technology the tire can accept extremely high pressures, but also, due to its heavy-duty construction remain extremely stiff at the lower pressures that Devon runs.


2. Another feature that’s often overlooked is the addition of reinforcement at the tires bead contact surface area to help avoid pinch-flats. Devon’s “Fuego” tire has this.


3. And finally, the surface on a street tire that gets the most abuse, “the sidewall”. First up, we used a significantly harder compound rubber that has the perfect combination of properties for superior strength, unmatched durability, while still remaining flexible and lite. Last but not least, we brought back our original “protection line”, featured on Rubens first signature tire, which helps protect the tires sidewall during grinds and other street abuse.” – Flybikes

Flybikes Fuego Tire - White

Flybikes Fuego Tire - Tan

Flybikes Fuego Tire - Blue

I’m really hyped with how the “Fuego” tire came out, its exactly what I want in a tire. I love how we took the O.G. Ruben tire and transformed it into a street version. The smooth compact tread gives it a buttery feel when cruising and is super grippy in the streets. We also added the “protection line” that was on the original Ruben tire to help keep a distance off the tires sidewall while grinding, giving the tire a better chance of lasting longer.” – Devon Smillie

The Fuego Tire is available through Flybikes dealers in 2.30″ only with colors of black, Dark blue, tan and white for $32.99 (black) – $35.99 (blue, tan, white).



United Bike Co. – Glow In the Dark Stealth Peg


United have decided to add a little flavor to their Stealth pegs. They now offer this plastic peg in a Glow in the Dark version! This peg starts out with a heat-treated chromoly inner with a replaceable and thicker low friction, abrasion resistant sleeve that will help you keep grinding longer. The peg is 100mm long with a 40mm diameter, weighs in at 6.42 oz each and come in 14mm with a 10mm (3/8″) adaptor.

The Stealth Peg is available in Glow in the Dark and Black for colors and a price tag of $17.99 for the peg and inner core, and $5.99 for replacement sleeves. Available through BMX shops and mail-orders worldwide.


Hood Antics – Denver

It has been a while since we’ve seen a Hood Antics video, but it looks like they are still doing their thing out in Denver with an expanded crew. Hit play for this fresh mix of footage starting with a bottle to the head followed by spot after spot of goodness.

Nothing will truly articulate the joy my bike has brought me. Countless lessons and moments that have made me who I am, and given me the family around me. Incredibly thankful for all of you. Thanks for picking up a camera, riding shady spots, talking shit, helping me up, bringing the hype, being dry, being nerds, being motivated and most of all letting me film and edit.
Part 1
Song: we the people, tribe called quest
Riders: Ben Linschoten, Dave Cannon, Derek Cano
Part 2
Song: Spirit, future island
Riders: Ross Albreski, Chris Cutright, Apedog, Paul Smith
Part 3
Song: guilt trip, pup
Riders: Justin Zimmerman, Jake Farley, Evan Johnson, Rob DiQuattro —> Thank you for opening up the Hoodantics family
Kyle Salmonsen
Tyler Rembold – Kid
Rob Diquattro
and my fucking Squad-s*


Brian Tunney – Austin, Texas 2016

We’re always pumped when some fresh Brian Tunney footage surfaces online. Here’s a look at what Brian has been getting into during his flatland sessions in Austin, Texas. As always, some great riding, plus he had some real quality help in the film department to make it look even better. Take a look!

In January of 2015, I moved to Austin, Texas from Redondo Beach, California and decided that I should eventually get around to filming a new video. My dear friend Stew Johnson volunteered his time and effort and skills, and together, slowly but surely, we amassed enough footage to put together something I was happy with. I then DM’d Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family to see if we could make sweet, beautiful love together (I.E. use their song) and he said 100% use it. With help from a clip filmed by Robin Fenlon in Newport Beach, we spent the day after Thanksgiving 2016 sitting in Stew’s office and came up with the following. I owe dear thanks to so many people for pushing me to keep going on this bizarre BMX journey for over 30 years now, and this is dedicated to each and every one of them. Thanks for watching a 42-year-old no one…

Buy the Self Defense Family album ‘Heaven is Earth’ here: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/self-defense-family


Red Bull – Raditudes: Connecting the Local Scene

Red Bull coming through with another episode of Raditudes for you to check out. This one follows Garrett Reynolds for the Fiend Home AVE DIY Jam. Check out some highlights from the riding that went down, plus some bonus behind the scenes style clips.

Garrett Reynolds and Broc Raiford link up with Fiend X Ride BMX to build some sweet community riding spots in San Diego and Long Beach, California. More than just session spots, these installations also give BMX riders a place to bond and unite.


Weird & Revered – Electrocoaster

If you like freecoasters and creative, unique riding, then this new Weird and Revered video featuring Justin Schwanke is just what you’re looking for. Hit play to watch Justin get creative on a bunch of different spots, many most would probably not consider with the help of his freecoaster. Real dialed from start to finish. Enjoy!

For a while now I’ve wanted to create a BMX film with an electronic or light focused theme. I thought this would offer a fresh way to challenge my editing skills. Over the past couple of years I’ve been filming B-Roll to fit with the concept. Most of the footage was collected in a random Air BNB in Zagreb, Croatia. There were many elaborate looking lights in the apartment that offered a lot of creative potential. I spent a couple hours one evening playing with my camera and thinking of interesting ways to capture the warm toned hues. Aside from that, the rest of the B-Roll was filmed in California (ex. Santa Monica Pier) or at home here in Alberta. From a riding standpoint, I figured I would utilize the more obscure freecoaster clips I’ve collected throughout 2016. The end result is Electrocoaster. Special thanks to Jesse Baraniuk, Duke Thomson-Kurz, and Thomas Henderson for helping film most of the riding. Their patience and skill behind the lens is appreciated as always.” -Justin Schwanke