A Study In Polished Lines, From Josie Prendergast – Broody Byron Bay with one of its most stylish loggers

Josie Prendergast is a young, stylish Australian longboarder, her act polished by the soft points near her home of Byron Bay. Here’s Prendergast riding a new model from Aussie legend Bob McTavish, The Dirt Nap – a limited-run single-fin pintail, with “triple gang 1/8” cedar stringers, wide laps and three special color pigments.”

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Layne Stratton’s Showreel – 8 locations. 4 minutes of cinematic vision

Much of today’s emerging talent is featured in surf filmmaker Layne Stratton’s work. He produced Cam Richards “Pardon Me” edit, which solidified Cam as a force in the air and in the heavier stuff. Evan Geiselman, Ian Crane, and Luke Davis scored Caribbean-side Panama on one of the most enviable trips we’ve seen filmed on

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“The Big-Wave Project” Official Trailer – Five years in the making, from director Tim Bonython

Amidst the maelstrom of beautiful big-wave cinematography we’ve seen since last year’s historic El Niño season, one name oddly missing from the credits was one of its visionaries: South Oz-born filmmaker Tim Bonython, a man who has documented the biggest, heaviest waves on the planet for more than 30 years. Here’s the very good reason

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